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   The site was mainly developed for the people who consume technology  for living by a select group of tech savvy people , we all love to produce content for the community we hear you and we give for you. We develop Apps for both iOS and Android , all the apps we develop will be in the site free for the community to develop.

             We do not care about SEO cause we do What the Community asks us for. The site was originally started as an hobby and now it has become a part of our life, we will do our best to keep our readers at top of the latest stuffs that is happening in the tech industry.

       The Tech industry is changing so rapidly that the latest technology now wont be so good three months latter, every year all the company release their flagship phones. So who is going to help you with all these its none other than us BREAK D HACK team. We are a bunch of people with a Computer Science major degree and a passion for every thing which craws out of the tech industry.

       We write codes, articles, develop apps, penetration testing and of course break rules. There are a huge bunch of things we do and we will be at your service all you have to do it contact us.

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