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Want A Tablet To Work As Projector Too

    Lenovo refreshed its yoga tablet line up this past week and with that we had a new comer in the product line up, when you first see it you will not see any thing majorly different from the other Yoga tablets 2, but they call it the Yoga tablet pro 2 for a reason, we can see familiar design from the company's earlier tablets with the cylindrical edges with kickstand which also has the cut outs to hang the tablets on hooks.
    So what has changed in the tablets, the rounded edge now houses a pico projector, yeah am serious an projector which can project the tablet screen in a 16:9 resolution. The projector is not the only difference the screen size has also been pumped up to a 13 inch HD screen. The speaker of the Yoga Tablet  Pro 2 is not some thing we would see in any ordinary tablet it has a JBL subwoofer, which will simply blow your mind off.
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  Lenovo has stated that the battery life of the tablet will be around 15 hours only for the tablet features and if the projector alone is used it has only 3 hours, you can guess the battery life if you use both the functions, will be around 8 hours or so. The tablet's price tag will be $499 in the US and £449 in the UK, the tablet will hit the market in the end of October. The Lenovo Yoga Pro 2 tablet will be a unique product in  the market and we sure hope many consumers will be eager to try it out. Hope we have given you good update, please share you thoughts about the post in the comments and do share it with your friends.
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