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Who Else Wants A Microsoft Smart Watch
    We all have seen most of the smart phone manufactures getting into smart watches starting from Google to Apple, now its Microsoft getting into the band. Samsung has released its own bunch of smart watches and Google is all set to give us some awesome smart watches with the help of its Android Wear which is used by LG and Motorola and even Apple is said to show us some sign of a smart watch of its own in the WWDC 2014 this June. Microsoft has been rumored to jumped into the market of smart watches with a new idea in mind, a cross platform smart watches which is said to work with Android, iOS and Windows.

      This rumor about the smart watch by Microsoft is really made many people in the tech industry curious and the thing that it is cross platform has hyped it more, all the other smart watches developed by the other company are just for their own platform and this bold move by the nadella led Microsoft is huge and will be paid of well if the smart watch comes out with a good design and features. There is buzz that Microsoft is talking about the design and stuffs to its suppliers, we are still not informed about platform it will be built on but we can conform that it may be a windows platform.
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     Microsoft is a bit late into the market of smart watches but then Apple has also not yet entered in and only a few companies like Samsung, Sony and pebble have devices in the market and LG, Motorola and Acer are expected to have their own smart watches soon, this might not be too late for Microsoft. Microsoft has been coping well after the change in leadership hopefully we will see more innovative products from Microsoft, smart watches may be in the future but how many of you will want a Microsoft Smart Watch, certainly i would want one give us your thoughts in the comments below.    


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