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    Hello readers of Break D Hack, we are happy that you landed on this page this means that you would like to work with us in improving the site and your self. We will be happy to display your guest post and any of your blog article if it satisfies our criteria.

   Guest Blogging is a very fast and easy way of SEO and it will increase your skill set and the amount of traffic to your site. We at Break D Hack encourage you to start guest blog so that your carear as a blogger will be flourishing.

 So lets get on the blogging part here we are a site which respect quality, so every post you submit to us should be scripted by you there should not be any kind of copy righted content or images or links in it.  We respect your work but you will have to give us the best content you can generate so that we will be able to approve the post.

Only Other Blog/Site Owners Can Guest Blog

Steps Of Guest Posting:

  1) Choose a topic in which you are strong at for the guest post from the pool of topics given below.
  2) Script it in a Notepad or in the E-mail editor.
  3) If u are using images in the post they should not be copy righted and they should be included in           both in the post and as copies in the mail attachment.
  4) If you scripted the post in Notepad attach it to the mail.
  5) The subject of the mail should be "Guest Post".
  6) You will have to send the post to 
  7) You can use the link of your blog/site in the post in just two places.
  8) No affiliate links or spamming links.
  9) After sending the E-mail we will get back to you with in 3 hours. 
10) Please mention you name and blog name in the E-mail.

Topics For Guest Post:

 1) Technology 
 2) Mobiles 
 3) Science
 4) Gadgets
 5) Security Tips
 6) Simple Computer Tricks
 7) Hacking Tutorials
 8) Computer Education Tutorial
 9) Designing Tips
10) SEO Tips
11) Social Network Trendz


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