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Indian Scientist Prevents Cyber attacks Using New Technique

      The problem of hacking a piece of code or software has been very much affecting the developers at large and this is not stoppable these things are growing so vastly that the loss is unbearable. An Indian scientist has found out a mechanism to stop this issue. An IIT-Delhi alumnus Sanjam Garg has created a set of tools that gives the secure answer to the problem of making programme code 'unintelligible' while preserving its functionality.

  This problem is know to capsulate the logic or purpose so as to prevent it from being broken or reverse engineered. Garg system is made impossible to crack by an attacker if he can not solve a mathematical problem which takes around 100 years to solve using todays modern computers. Now this looks like a very fair logic and this has earned him $20,000 as prize which he will be collecting next month in San Francisco.
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   Hackers now have been very effective in breaking many system but we hope this system will stop them. We still are not sure if the many victim machine(bots) that are hacked by every hacker can be used in cracking the mathematical problem so it decreases the time and there are lot of questions around it, but let hope for the best and we would like to congratulate Mr. Sanjam Garg in his success and for using new technique to help the world become more secure.


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