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Apple To Stop Selling Fitbit's New Fitness Trackers

       One of the leading fitness tracker manufacturer in the industry is Fitbit, we have also reviewed their Fitbit Flex and we would say it is a definite buy. A report form GIZMODO shows us that Fitbit is all set to release two new fitness trackers, this leaked image above shows us that these two devices will be called Fitbit Charge and Fitbit ChargeHR.  Fitbit Force which was revoked as it was causing issues to people's skin, but from the above images and the rumors we hear we can safely say the Fitbit Charge is similar to the Fitbit Force.

   These new trackers are ready to hit the stores any time now but Fitbit has a problem here, Apple has said that it will not be selling any of the Fitbit Fitness Trackers in its Apple Store any more. Why has Apple taken such a decision, well reason behind this setback is that Fitbit has said that it has no plans to integrate to Apple's new health app HealthKit. Apple is now jumping into Fitness market with its new Apple Watch and it also sells many other Fitness trackers by many manufacturers like Jawbone and Nike Fuelband. Now when Fitbit is not integrating with Apple's HealthKit there is no reason to sell Fitbit fitness trackers in the Apple Store.
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   Fitbit has come up and said that it acknowledges the issue and has been "evaluating to integrate with HealthKit", but Fitbit also say that it is getting feedback from users and so they are hearing what we say so if many people demand to integrate eventually Fitbit may go with the HealthKit, so if you like the iOS ecosystem and want your Fitbit tracker to blend in with it tell it to the product development team of Fitbit.
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   One of the new Fitbit tracker will be able to count your Heart Beat. The Fitbit ChargeHR will be the one which has the Heart Rate Monitor(HRM), the tracker many also show you the amount of floors climbed, time, callerID and other features which you can see in the Fitbit Flex. The Fitbit Charge will be having every other feature of the Fitbit ChargeHR except the Heart Rate Monitor(HRM). We are eagerly waiting for the trackers to hit the stores and we do hope that the issue with Apple will be resolved soon. Hope we have enlightened you in this issue, please share your thoughts with us in the comments and do share it with your friends.

Image and Article Source : Gizmodo


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  3. Well, it’s a nice one, I have been looking for. Thanks for sharing such informative stuff. fitbit charge 3 set up


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