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Top 5 iOS 8 Widgets You Must Be Having

    Apple's new mobile operating system iOS 8 was rolled out a couple of weeks backs and it had its ups and downs, the update of iOS 8.0.1 was so lame that it bricked many of the iPhones, but they pulled the update as soon as they knew about the problem and showed how to downgrade back to iOS 8 and they also put together an iOS 8.0.2 uodate to  rectify it in a days time. Now iOS came with some awesome features like continuity, third party keyboards, widgets and lots more. here we will give you the top 5 iOS 8 widgets that you  must have in your iOS 8 device, so lets just jump right in.
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Top 5 iOS 8 Widgets You Must Be Having : 

Agenda+ :  

         Agenda+ combines a list of your calendar events and Remainder in your iOS 8 native Remainder and Calendar events, The app is seperated in to 2 sections one for the remainders and one for Calender events. This is a paid one and it would cost you about $1.99, The widget may be big or small depending on how many events you have in your day and how far in the day they are. 

Paste+ : 

    This widget is one of the most important and powered tool to play with your clip board in the notification center, You can perform a lot of things with this widget, you  can have the last item in the clip board and use in a variety of places directly like Facebook, Whatsapp and lost more, The app will allow you to do it just from the notification center, but you cannot use the app with images and videos due to high memory, but you can use smaller web images. The app is priced at $3.99, sound a little expensive but you can get a lot more with this app. 

Breaking News : 

          This Widget is basically designed to show the most popular top trending stories in the web right in your notification center, you can scroll through a long list of stories in your notification center and tap to open it. The app is built so well you will get all the stories within seconds and the app is free and so you can have a fun time with it without spending a buck in it. 

Evernote : 

 Evernote as we all know one of the best note taking app in both iOS and Android, Evernote now offers a widget which allows you to do a varity of tasks, you can see how the Evernote widget looks, the 5 icons above are used to create a new document use camera to take a snap and use in in Evernote set a Remainder and create a To Do List, you can even use an image from the and use in the app. This is also a free app,i would definitely recommend you to have this app. 

Yahoo Weather : 

      Yahoo Weather is the in built weather app in iOS 8 and it integrates seamlessly to the notification widget, the best way is to know the current weather in your current location, the app also gives a picture which represents how the weather would be in the day. This widget is in the list coz of its flaw less intergration and its ease of use. 

Bonus :  

ESPN SportsCenter : 
       If you are into sports then this will help you a lot to be in touch with you favorite sports. The widget will show you a score card about the latest game and other information about the game. 

PCalc : 
      This widget will allow users to make calculation rigth from your notification center, but you will have to spend a few bucks for this app, the app would cost you $9.99. 

iTranslate : 
      This widget will allow you to translate the sentence or word you have entered into the language you have selected. The text which is in the clipboard will only be translated in to the language you selected. This is a free app and we think you will have a good time with it. 


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