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OPPO Find 7  Review
          The Chinese electronics manufacturer OPPO jumped into the smartphone industry few years ago, the product line up of OPPO has been an great success and the OPPO Find 7 has been an example of it. The OPPO Find 7 is a spectacularly built phone you can not find any major flaws in the mobiles design, the internals are the latest and greatest hardware in it. I used the OPPO Find 7 for month and this is my in-depth review of the device.

Design : 

     The Phone is built so well you can not find any major defect in the over all built the removable back is a awesome feature, The handset has a 5.5 inch QHD display. I love that you can swap the battery in very intensive days, the mobile has a Micro-SIM slot, a Micro-SD card slot and the 3000mAh battery inside the back cover. The back cover also hides the speakers, the back of the phones houses the primary camera of the phone which we will discuss in depth in the camera department. One of the major flaw in the design is  that the lock button in the mobile is on the left side of the phone, this may not be a problem for many of you but for me being a righty the lock button on the left was a little annoying every time I try to wake the phone. The other thing I noticed about the design is that the capacitive buttons in the buttons are not lit well enough, they are a little dim and not quit bright in the dark. 

    The Phone is built in such a way that it feels good in the hands, the sort of textured back of the phone gives a better grip and helps in holding the phone. the Headphone jack in on the top of the phone and the volume rocker keys are in the right side of the handset. The only thing i think they should have changed in the design is the lock button placement. 

Display : 

     We usually don't have a section for display, but i have to tell you about the display of the handset here. The QHD display of the handset looks simply awesome, it packs a 538 PPI which will blow you off every time you see it. The phone will show you every thing so beautiful you will almost fall in love with the screen well I did fall for the screen. The handset is able to show you 1.6 million colours how awesome is that, i would say one of the strong feature of the OPPO Find 7 is its vibrant QHD screen. 

Software : 

  The great down side of the OPPO Find 7 is its software, well we will agree it has some good software add-ons like the gesture controls and all, but the whole UI and UX was not up to the mark. This has been a problem for many Android phones now, they have the best hardware but lack to provide a better experience with their software. The software makes the phone slow, when I say slow it doesn't mean lagging. This is one of the Android phones lately I have not seen much of screen lags or drop frames. The software makes the UI work slower for the hardware powering the device.

  OPPO provides you with a lot of options to customise your phone, the themes for this phone is endless and you can download them and apply with a click of a button and that is so easy. OPPO has included a feature called gesture control in the OPPO Find 7, here there are some pre-defined controls which can be used to do various functions both while the screen in on and when the screen is off. We can also add other gestures for opening apps and other functions, this is one feature I like about the OPPO Find 7. There is also some Air Gesture functions which can be used to swipe between home screens and other geeky stuff. The OPPO Find 7 was completely let down by the software.
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Performance : 

   OPPO Find 7 is a beast of a phone it packs a 3GB RAM, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad core processor and a Adreno 330 GPU, the performance if off the chart, every thing is snappy, all the apps works so well, you may notice the occasional lags that is purely due to the Software which can be resolved by future update. Gaming performance in the handset was so smooth the QHD display, the processor and GPU plays anything that you throw at it. Well that said you cannot expect to play games on the OPPO Find 7 for hours, the handset started to heat so much in just half an hour of playing Asphalt Overdrive, the mobile heats very quickly and that is a major conn.

 I had tested the phone's performance to the core by running app which are graphic and task intensive at the same time and found out the handset keep it together and handled all the apps well. I had a very positive reaction to the performance of the OPPO Find 7 like no other handset in the recent times. OPPO has a reputation for better performance in its devices when compared to the other leading devices in the industry.

Camera : 

    When we talk about a smartphone camera we can see the treand that they are becoming better day by day but I would say that the OPPO Find 7 Camera is by far one of the greatest camera's in a smartphone in the industry right now. Find 7 has a 13 MP rear camera and a 5 MP front camera which take awesome photos. The Camera has a technology of taking 50MP photo by taking many pictures and stitching it together. every photo taken by both the camera is simply mind blowing. The low light performance of the OPPO Find 7 is very impressive, very little noise was seen in low light photos. 

   Video recording in the OPPO Find 7 is a awesome eexperience the 4K recording makes everything look so real you will be mad about taking video with your OPPO Find . The handset get too hot when you record 4K videos and the clips take a huge space in your memory. The OPPO Find 7 also takes 1080p and 720p HD videos. I would have been happy if OPPO had included OIS in the camera. 

 Oh we did not forget all your selfie lovers out there, the 5MP front camera in the OPPO Find 7 takes some sweet shots which you can share in Instagram without any retouches. The Front camera takes 720p HD video recording which looks impressive. I loved every second taking photos with the OPPO Find 7 and I know many of you would love it too. 

Battery : 

   The OPPO Find 7 has a 3000mAh battery which can be charged to a wooping 50% in just half an hour. The battery life of the handset was not up to our expectation, it did not last me a full day, I am not a huge mobile user and all so the battery life is a bigger issue. I am not sure if the battery life issue is with all the OPPO Find 7 or is it just with our Review unit. The fast charging technology compensated to the bad battery life, I used to plug handset for 15min to see it have almost 30% to 45%  so this is one of the greatest feature for me. The bad battery life is because of the Operating System a future update should solve it, I urge OPPO to look into it. 

Final Thoughts :

    There are a lot of Pro's and Conn's in the OPPO Find 7, well i would the Pro's fairly exceed the conn's . Camera, Display, fast charging and raw power are some of the Pro's of the handset. When we look at the Conn's we have Lock button, Battery life and Software, while these are huge drawbacks updates can fix most of it. In my point of view the OPPO Find 7 is a definite buy, you can go get it and you will not be disappointed by it. Hope you liked the review of the OPPO Find 7, do share you thoughts with us in the Comments and share this with your friends so that they get to know about this awesome product. 


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