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     Can you believe it that one the game you play in your Android or iOS device is yielding around $50,000 a day for its developer  Dong Nguyen. This game was developed for a platform on 2012 and it was canceled, the whole game was developed in 2-3 days and the developer also claims no module of his game was developed to impossible to complete.
     The game had a sort of mixed reviews from most of the reviewers and yet now it is at the top of both Play store and App store. The game is said to be to a extent easier in the Android and harder in iOS. One of the nick name for the game is "Drug of App store".

Controversy :

                  The controversy in this game is that it was in both the stores around may of last year, but the sudden rise in the games popularity in 2014 has given rise to opinions like "developer used a bot" - source Wikipedia. The developer has not agreed with any of these reports and said "I respect all other people [sic] opinions. I won't give any comment to this article. I'd like to make my games in peace." -source Wikipedia.

          Controversy or not the game is a huge success and has given us a lot of entertainment and its one of my personal favorites, hope the developer gives us more games like these.

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