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         Today we have all of you an amazing app since we are nearing valentines day, here we are with an app that will give you a reminder so that you don't forget to text or call your loved ones. This app is strictly for iOS and we have not yet been informed about the Android version of the app yet. Can you imagine what will be your status if you missed to say that you love some one for a long time especially your wife and girlfriend, that means your screwed up this app will change this for you and make your love life go smooth.

     The app is called Romantimatic, you can download it directly off from the App store. The Developer Greg Knauss who has been married for 18 year thought that this app would be very helpful, this app will get the mobile number of the person you want to call of send a message and will get the frequency at which the reminder should be sent.

     The messaging section of this app is filled with built in messages to send for your loved once that are so romantic and we can all write our own messages using our poetic skills. Hope the app is useful for all of you and you can just search the app by name in the App store.


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