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     The new version of Android is said to be released this June at the Google I/O the developer conference held by Google every year. The Operating system is said to come out with some great features which will hugely improve the performance of the Android operating system, battery life and other features.
     Android 4.4.3 is scheduled to release before the next version of Android, this is to fix up the security flaws in the current system. Since we all know that Google has released an SDK Android Wear specifically for the Wearable devices, this tells us that Android 4.5 is not the only thing which will featured in Google I/O. We think we will see a Nexus 6 and may be we will get a first looks of Nexus 8.

     Android 4.5 lollypop will be having a better performance and it will support a wide variety of devices and the update will have a better battery life and an in-depth integration with Google Now. The security features are also said to improved, we are expecting an update on Google Glass so that we will know when we will be holding one and enjoying the technology.     


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