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     Apple the greatest technology company, one of the most valued company in the world, the brain child of the visionary Steve jobs is now running without its founder. The book released by Yukari Iwatani Kane, a Wall Street technology reporter, titled as Apple After Steve Jobs. The book is about the 2 years from the death of Steve Jobs till now, how Apple is doing in business and all the other aspects of it as a company as a whole, it also includes things about present leaders of the company.
     The author refers Apple to a "Empire without an Empire", he also adds that all the innovations of Apple not show to the full potential after the death of Steve Jobs, he also refers that the current leaders have failed to bring out fresh inovations and they are more into fighting the rivals. The book tells that when a emperor falls the empire also tend to fail soon by using some examples from history. The books say that the 2 years without Jobs has brought down the company in every aspect. The book also claims that the number of people resigning the company is more now and these people where used to work hard hours for a product release and be happy for it during Jobs leadership. 
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   So the is Apple going down in any way or this could just be because of the growth of other companies, all these questions will only be answered in the future and if you like what you saw in the post do get the book and know more. what do you think will Apple go down or do you have any thing else in your mind do tell us in the comments bellow. 


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