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      One of the worlds leading computer and mobile operating system manufaturing company Microsoft has acknowledged India as one of the top IT industry in the world, it is said that The next big thing will come from India. India is one of the country which is developing so fast in the Information technology industry this has attracted most major companies from all around the world.

     India has a vast pool of well skilled software developers this makes us important for any software companies. more than 10% of app in every single operating system comes from india. Indian market is doing so well it sells more phones than many other markets, Mircosoft is planing to release many of its phones and other nokia phones in the Indian market well ahead of releasing it in its US market.

    Microsoft's Joseph Landes, General manager, DPE-Microsoft, says that India has a power of developing some of the best apps in the world all that indian developers have to think out of the box, come forward with innovative ideas and give the next break through app that will be used by the whole world. 


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