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Player Emotion Sensing Gaming Controllers

    We all love gaming let it be our console or PC we would like to have fun with the controllers, Games have developed a long way from the 2D games to the some awesome open world games like the GTA 5. We have witnessed many break through in the gaming industry but this one will surely take gaming to the future in a amazing way.

    A couple of Stanford engineers have used some Xbox 360 controllers and tweaked it and come up with a emotion sensing controller, this controller will  sense the players heart beat, depth of breathing, the flow of blood  and it also has a Accelerometer which will analyse how the player is handling the controller, all these data are sent to the game console. But why send all these data, they say they use all these data and put them on some algorithms and understand the players mood and make the game more interesting for the player.

    They say this can be of more value since if the date shows that the player is bored then the game will make itself difficult by sending in some more zombies or giving some hard turns in the racing game and do different things based on the game. They demonstrated the device with a racing game which indeed looked good, We can use this to monitor children so that we can see the data and check if the kid is tired we can prompt an alert to take a health break.

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    This venture is a Stanford and Texas Instruments collaboration project, they have give some metal plates to measure the blood flow and depth of breathing of the player and they have give a special sensor for sensing heart beat. The data from these will help them to evaluate the Players level of mental engagement. This provides the feedback to the console and we will have a more awesome gameplay, hope this technology is incopreated with the console soon. 


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