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Want To Reduce Your Data Charges use Opera Mini

     Opera Mini one of the popular mobile browser ranging from Java mobile to Smartphones has published a report for the first half of the year 2014 based on India, Opera Software has reported that it has a tremendously reduced the data charges of  the users from India. Data charges are hiking up so high recently for many people and many did not know why and it was found that Facebook Increased Data charges. Now we have another amazing news to reduce the data charges.
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     Opera reported that it has used 71% less mobile data and is claiming to have saved over Rs 350 million in every month in the Indian market, wow that is a great number, is this true how did they do this, well they did not revel that but one thing they said is that its due to the superior compression technology which compresses the webpages to the level of only 10% of the original size so that they take very little data.

  Opera  Mini is compatible with over 3000 mobile devices from iOS, Android and even Java Phones, SO the estimate of around 68.5% is saved in Android Mobile and 62% is saved in iOS platform and a whooping 81% is saved in the Java mobiles in the monthly mobile bills. After hearing this news, i took up the challenge with a prepaid mobile and used different browsers and found the Opera Mini doing a fairly good job in reducing the Data Charges, Hope we have given you some awesome news to carry on and tell to your friends share the post and comment your thoughts, Bookmark us for more tips and tech news.   


  1. I am currently using Idea as network provider, they offer me free facebook, so I don't have to worry about facebook plan, but yup using opera is profitable as they mobify the big sites. You also have UC Browser. They also claim to scan less data and provide you same quality service.

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