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              Google is yet to use the groundbreaking sound authentication method called SlickLogin. The budding SlickLogin firm developed this startup which replaces the conventional text password validation. What you have to do is you should hold your mobile phone near your laptop or computer to get into the websites which supports SlickLogin. 

             The process which is actually happening in this technique is when you try to login to the website which is having SlickLogin startup, ultrasonic sound will be played by the website which is an encoded form of encrypted data. The sound is generally greater than human hearing. The mobile phone which perceives this sound, will respond to the SlickLogin servers. In this way, the authentication is performed. Each time, the coded sound will be altered. 

             It makes use of the location in the authentication process and also uses GPS, Wifi, NFC, QR codes which prevents the unauthorized persons from logging in as you. Thus the SlickLogin startup, an inventive technology will make the logging in so easy, effective and secure.


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