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       One of the most popular social networking site Twitter is said to working on redesigning its web page layouts and it turns out it will give out a sort of feel like its rival social network Facebook, over the years we have seen many major design changes happen to Facebook web pages and not so much for Twitter and now the buzz is that a change is coming soon for all the tweet masters.

       The talk is that the change will affect only the desktop users or laptop. The new Twitter page has the profile picture and the biography set aside  in the left give lot of room for the header photo like we have seen in Facebook. We may even get a pop-up notification for every direct message and can send replies directly.

     A report from Tech Crunch hits these changes," The tweets will not be displayed in the vertical flow in a single column like it appears now, instead they will b displayed in the tiled-style look which is currently used by Facebook." -- source Tech Crunch.
      I am not sure how well the new design will be taken by the users may be it will be appreciated as many have been accustomed to the Facebook layout or they may not like it since it does not give them the Twitter feel, Either ways i like changes that is when development happens so am waiting for the new design. 


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