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    Developers please can we have your attention, we  have a important issue here. Many of the developers have been using some deceptive ads in their Apps which are being a great hindrance for the user. This has been reported to google and they have taken action against these thing by making a change in their Developer Policy.

    Google has said that it does not want any developer to have any type of shady ads on their apps and to display only certain kinds of contents on it,  so it has included a statement in the policy that the developer themselves should see to that their Ad agency does not have any deceptive ads on the app. This has made the developer work little more complicated as they have to find the best Ad company and use it.
     We are sure that this will increase the apps usability and will eliminate any ads which have inappropriate contents in it. A good environment is always welcomed by the community. Hoping for a better experience. 


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