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        One of the worlds most advanced smart phone from Apple is all set to come out this year, iPhone 6 is one of the most expected phones in 2014, as we have seen from the iPhone 5 the most innovative technology of finger print unlocking mechanism made a huge buzz in the mobile phone industry. Samsung galaxy S5 had the same feature in it but they came up second and made it not so note worthy.

       iPhone 6 is said to come out in different screen size one with a 5.5 inch and the other with 4.7 inch, this information can be assumed true to a certain extenct as the Japan Display Inc has conformed it has been making 5.5 inch LCD screens for one of the major smart phone in the world and it is allegedly that iPhone displays come from Japan this news may be true after all.

       We have seen many photos of the allegedly iPhone 6 which were all conformed as fake as they looked a smaller size versions of iPad Air so they have been a manipulated versions of the phones. The Phone is said to be released by September of 2014 so this makes a very good chance that the phone can also be released at the WWDC 2014 which will be announced around June. We suspect that there many be some smart watches and an updated Apple TV, hope we have give you some useful information. 


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