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 Get A Spooky Robot Like Your Friends

        How many of you miss your friends or peers when they are not around you, we all do i suppose so there is a new way to call them. We can call them by mobiles and we even use video calls but do we have the feel that they are near us. Now we can solve this.

      Engineered Arts from UK has built a Robot called Socibot mini, this bot has a plastic head which has a backlit projector which will be able to project your friends digital image on to the robot. This may seem a little spooky to you but the people who were around the bot said that they had gotten used to the bot very soon. The bot has a webcam built in with depth sensing camera so that it can easily recognise the gestures we make.
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        The amazing camera coupled with the computer vision the bot is able to tell our mood by seeing our face, this feature make the bot were interesting. We hope these technology is made available to everyone in the near future.    


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