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Apple has $159 billion cash

   The worlds most valued company Apple has around $159 billion in its pocket and is doing nothing with it, why is this so is apple trying to do some thing in the coming months or is it just lying there. Moody's investor service put out a report saying that US tech companies like Apple, Microsoft and Google have more that $1.64 trillion cash at the end of 2013 and Apple stands on top with $159 billion.

   Apple has not bought any other tech companies lately like its competition Google, Facebook and Amazon. All the other companies are in a hunt for companies in the industry which gives them some more value. Apple CEO Tim Cook has said that Apple will not buy other companies just for the sake of buying or becoming big. Apple has bought some companies like the Siri, which was used in the iPhone's and iPad's and AuthenTec, an finger print reading sensor company.

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    While we see the competition buy many Artificial intelligence companies hardware companies, we all so wish Apple to buy some of its own so that we will get more quality products. Apple has a wide resource and can surely get some big names in the industry like in the automobile industry it can buy Ford or Tesla, in the Telecommunication industry it can go for Sprint or T-mobile, well it can even buy Starbucks. But many say that Apple is saving all these for a Rainy day so that it does not have to suffer the way it did in the past. 


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