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     Silicon Valley often referred ad the birth place for many great Software companies, has lots going on lately with new releases of mobile phones and software and lots of other technology related products, but this is not just it they have yet again proved that they care about the society too. One of the major pressing issue in the US now is about same sex marriage this problem has made the CEO of Mozilla to resign recently.

   Mr Brendan Eich chief executive of Mozilla had to resign his position for his decision to support of California's Proposition 8, it is used to ban gay marriage in the sate. Many companies from the Silicon Valley have showed their support for Gay Marriage for many years in many events. Apple had agreed to have a gay employee group in the from 1986 itself. 

   As much as 13 companies like Apple, Intel and Xerox have  100% rating in the US Human Rights commission for having a straight forward employment process without having any reservations on sex. Microsoft Bill Gates had also made a very great contribution in support of Washington’s 2012 referendum on legalising same-sex marriage.


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