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          TomTom one of the leading car accessories maker has now launched a new product in the indian market which has specially some thing to do with your electronic devices, They have announced a new car charger for smart phones, tablets and other electronic gadgets. TomTom has always had a good growth in the indian market, releasing this charger they may go into new heights.

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        We have been told that the charger is well equipped with a 1.2 amp slots for our smart phones, mp3 and other devices, a 2.1 amp slots for more power consuming devices like the tablets and they have even more juice in it, they have given it a 12V supply for your bigger electronic gadgets. The company has promised that the charger would work perfectly fine in all the car and for all devices and the multiple charging will be perfect and will not drain away power from devices when more devices are connected.

    For all those hardcore travellers who wants to travel by their car all the time this would be a game changer, they would not have to stop in the motels to get their device juiced up. The product id priced around Rs 1,600 in india that would be around $3. Hope we see more quality products from TomTom and in an even more lesser price point. 


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