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Tweak Your System To Boot Up 50% Faster

       This may be so simple for many people out there, but this will increase your boot up time significantly. The Windows PC have a tendency to decrease your boot time as days pass by,  this may result in 5 minutes of booting up, 5 minutes may not feel so long but when you want to do some thing important it would feel like a life time.
    So now lets get on to the tweaking part, the things you have to do is step-wise below do not change anything else it might affect your OS.

1) Click start menu and search for "msconfig"  without the quotes.

2) Enable the " Selective Startup" in the general tab.

3) Now pass on to the Startup tab and uncheck all the applications that you dont want to open up during the start up.
4) Click Apply or Ok and leave that window.

5) Now again search for "windows features".

6) In the window uncheck all the services of windows which you don use and dont want to start up.

7) Click Ok and your done, restart you computer you will see a significant increase in your boot time. 


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