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      We all have a smart phone now and we all want to change it every year, there are flagship phones coming out every year and your phones becomes old in terms of technology very soon and if your are a guy like me and then your phone would become old in its appearance too, yeah yeah i don't use ma phone or any other gadgets with so much care, so what do we do, we would try to get a new device and the companies also encourage us by giving all this exchange offers and buy back offer and often we sell our mobiles and get a new one. This culture has become so much and you know who is enjoying these more than you, yeah you guessed it right, its HACKERS and cyber criminals.

     How do they get benefited from this, let me explain, in this era of mobile computing we have started using our mobiles for every thing right from checking the mail to making payment for an online purchase. When ever you sell or exchange your mobile to get a new mobile we would be sure to take out our SIM card, our SD cards and wipe the whole internal memory by resetting the phone and we think we are out of danger and we move on to our new devices, but here is where it gets bad many unethical hackers and crackers get these mobile and try to retrieve your data and yes this can be done by various ways. Avast has demonstrated this with its team of security engineers by getting 20 phones from eBay and then retrieving data from them many files like photos, contacts were extracted. 

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      Smart Phones have become a part and parcel of our life but when these things happen and you get affected by those then you understand the pain, until then you would not know it. If your data has been hacked there is a possibility to clone your phone and this will allow the hacker to make unauthorized phone calls, SMS and E-mails which may seem that is coming from you. so how do we avoid this =, answering this might be a little more tricky because this is not in your hands totally one major thing that has to be done is from the mobile OS developer like Google, Android has this problem for a long time and Google has taken steps to correct it and yet it prevails in some devices, if the device has a better instruction to delete the user data permanently then it would solve the problem for good, but we would advice you to pick the person you sell the phone and do delete every one of your data before you sell the device don't make it too easy for them i think you understand what i say :P . Hope you guys like the post lots more coming be sure to be a followers of the site and bookmark us. 


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