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Quick Solution To IDM Fake Serial Key Error

     Most of us use Internet Download Manager for downloading content from the internet,i have been using IDM for the past three and i like most of you used the cracked version before and got a lot of errors  and other issues with the cracked versions when ever the updates came out, i was fed up with the application crashing and i went on to purchase the original copy of the product and the thing is the money spent in it was worth of it, but still many of you out there use the cracked version of the apllication and are going to many issues with that in day to day activities, so here we are giving you a way to get out of the "Registered with fake serial key" error . 

     Sure at times the product works fine even if it throws this error but many times it tends to crash the application or download incorrect files. here are the steps to correct this error and have a IDM work fine without any issues. Cracking a product affects the developer so we strongly advice you to purchase the product.  This Guide is just for your education. 

1. Close IDM completely !!

2. Go to your IDM directory and search for the below two file,
         IDMGrHlp.exe and idmBroker.exe

3. Rename  IDMGrHlp.exe into IDMGrHlp (with out any extensions).

4. Rename  idmBroker.exe into IDMGrHlp.exe .

5. Restart your computer.

        When you complete all these steps correctly you will not see the pop up again. But we would advice you to buy the product to that it would help the developer for all their hard work. Stay with us for more hacks, tricks and Tech News. 


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