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Do You Want Invites For BitTorrent's Secure Messaging App

        I hope we all know about BitTorrent the torrent client which helps most of us download lot of files from the internet, which is illegal and some times we do that which is bad and sure i had done that too and there was a time where i changed and went on to the get the original copy so that the developer or the owner of the content is benefited. But now we are not here to talk about the downloading torrent files, instead we are here to talk about a new windows application which is rolled out by BitTorrent, this new application allows us to chat with other, so what is so special about it ya that is where the catch is we can use this app to chat with others securely.  

      We chat all the time it may be messages through our mobile networks or through App like Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger or even the Secret App, BitTorrent is trying to making message secure by using distributed servers, the traditional messaging is done by using a centralized server all the messages are stored and forwarded to the recipient, but here Bittorrent is using a process enabling people to have decentralized connection to someone they trust. BitTorrent uses the same Distributed Hash Table(DHT) technology which it uses for its file downloading process. 
   The whole messaging operation does not require a centralized server so that it can not record who you are talking to about what and how long you were talking. The secure chat is carried out in a peer network, when you send a message to other person using Bleep, you computer asks its peer if it know the recipient and this process goes on with peers of peers and so on and then it finds the recipient and delivers the message and this process does not give away the message to any one else in the routing path and there is no record that you have been in a conversation in any place.

   Bleep is given the name so as the people at BitTorrent say that they will know a bleep and nothing else when you message not even a log. No person can know about the message they would find only a bleep and so we have solved the mystery of the name for you. Now coming for how you can access the app, it is only in Windows 7 and 8 as of now this is a pre-alpha and is invite only App. We are having a lot of invites to giveaway for you guys, what you will have to do for getting the invite is given below.

1. Share the post in Facebook, Twitter and Google+ .

2. Leave a comment below about the post along with you E-mail id so that we can invite you.

3. Follow us on Twitter.

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5. Adds us on Google+ .

        The Facebook, Twitter and Google+ links can be found in the widget in the top right side of the site in tabs. waiting to chat with all of you in Bleep. 


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