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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 All You Need to know

     Samsung is hosting a Unpacked events today at Berlin to showcase its new Note device , Samsung created a ripple by releasing the larger phone series like the Note and made the so called Phablet line grow so much. After Samsung releasincatchiote series empany is coming up with the larger phones and even there is a rumor that Apple is comi up with the 5.5 inch iPhone.

     The event is being live streamed by Samsung in their own Youtube channel and the link for that is given below and alternatively you can follow it with. Likeur live blog.

Samsung Unpacked Episode 2 --

 The event has started and like last year Samsung has arranged some musical treat for us. and this one is also like last year with a thetarical  performance. Then it starts with a promo video for the Note 4 as always the videos for all these events are awesome but lest wait and see for the full phones performance.

    There is a lot of talk abt innovation and smartphones and a lot about what they do in samsung.

  Now there is a video about the next Galaxy Note with 4 new colors. The Note has a sort of squred edges. 

LTE category 6 is in Note 4 who dint guess this coming 

Design :
           The design is almost same but they have the back cover like S5, they have a metal side, the phone weighs 176 g. they have black, white, gold and pink. They talk about a new improved UX but that cannot be said sure unless we work on it. The Note 4 is a 5.7 QHD display with super AMOLED. 

New Functions : 

    This multi-window feature is made easily accessible and this is one functionality which can let think Note may a little chance in improving. 
They have some new called Smart Select, which can be used to select images from different parts of the mobile like a web browser or app and you can send it through E-mail and messages. This Smart Select feature can be used in selecting text and can be sent any where. 

 There is  some new features in Snap Note, this allows you to take photo and make editing on the Snap Note app.

Camera : 

 The back camera has a 16 megapixels and has a smart OIS. They have a front camera with a 3.7 megapixels which can take a panorama selfie and they call with some fancy names. 

Battery  : 

   They have a fast charging method which can charge from 0 to 50% in 30 min with a 3200 mile-amp battery. I don't know how well this is gonna be since they have pretty much the same battery as of the previous versions with  QHD display, LTE category 6 and lot of other new functionalists.  
 Buys a Galaxy Note 4 u are going to get 50 GB storage in Dropbox.

Note 4 is only going to available on October so we got to wait fa a month now to get the actual Phone.

  This one is a shocker NOTE  EDGE we are going to get a curved screen with our phone. this phone is coming out only for select markets and it is a special edition. 

We get a new Galaxy Gear smart watch it is a called Galaxy Gear S. It looks a little bulky its a 2 inch super AMOLED display. I may have to say that i am not at all sold by this device as of now but the other devices i would like to play with them. 

OMG they are talking about their health app S Health, i am still not sold. 

Now there is some awesome talks yes guys its Mobile Virtual Reality and it is powered by the Note 4, they have partnered with Oculus Rift and they call it the Galaxy Gear VR. It just looks  like a Oculus Rift but the only catch is that they hook up the Note 4 inside the helmet. I would say this is a glorified Google Cardboard,which was handed over to every one who attended the Google i/o 2014.

  The event showcased few new products and few of which made me really think Samsung is doing good and few others did not impress me. This is one of the  important event in the Tech industry so what do you guys think about the event, where is Samsung going with this. Share your comments in the site or in any social media, we are happy to hear from your.


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