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Things Every Photographer Should be Knowing..

   Hey guys I know its been so long I had made a post on the blog and that is because I had to make a major change in my schedule, put my life together and now am all set to give you all the latest things from the tech industry but this post is a special one and this article has happened because of you people my readers, some of you people had been tweeting me and contacting me in Facebook to write a post on Photography and so lets dive right in.

 Photography is a art and one can not master it in a single day it takes days of shooting and thousands of snaps to land on the sweet spot for yourself, this post is not to make you the best photographer in the world but just to keep you up and running. The 3 basic things to keep in mind when you are taking a photograph are Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO.  These can be changed according to your scene and it does not matter which camera you use. You will be getting a better photo if you have a better exposure of your scene for a better exposure you will have to work on these 3 things.

Aperture :

     Aperture is just the opening through which light enters your camera. have you ever wondered what the "f" numbers on your camera lens mean well there are called the F-stops(Focal ratio) and they let you know possible range of sizes of the cameras aperture. The lower the F-stop numbers the wider aperture sizes.  Aperture not only helps you capture the scene brighter but also helps you with changing the depth of field. 

  Depth of field is used when you want to blur the background and concentrate on the subject or when you want to have a balance between with the subject and the background. Now lets talk about the Brightness, well the aperture helps in keeping the scene lit brighter and make the photo look good, but what are the issues in having a wider aperture size, when you want a shallow depth of field then you will have to go for a wider aperture, but what if you want a wider depth of field and the scene should be brighter you can not do that with a narrow aperture size, so this is when you will have to put your experience in place and use the other 2 major components to take a better photograph. 

Shutter Speed :

     Shutter speed as its name implies is how fast your shutter opens and closes, basically it is how long your exposure takes place. Shutter speed is important for every photo you take and it shut be set differently for every different kind of scene you take. 

  The faster your Shutter opens and closes the lesser the amount of exposure of your scene, this means the amount of light getting into your camera would be less with a faster shutter speed, while this would make the photograph look a little dull but you will get a steady scene, even if the subjects in your scene are moving with a faster shutter speed you can capture them with out any issue. But on the other had with a slower shutter speed you will be having better exposure in your scene and if you have any moving subjects then they will be in a displaced state in the photograph. 

ISO : 

  ISO is simply the light sensitivity of the image sensor found in your camera. When you have a low ISO setting then it has a less light sensitivity this means that you need more light to expose you image to take the photo of the scene, the higher the ISO it is more sensitive to light so you will need less light to capture the scene. Well its a good thing isn't it to have high ISO to take photo in a dark places well its sort of a good thing to but when you have higher ISO you will be having a lot of noise or grains in your photograph, you will want to avoid these noise in your images not just because they give the dots in the images but they tend to de saturate your image and give some unrealistic colours.

Photography will reward you only if you take time and pain to practice it, as always nothing comes easy but with these 3 things and some intelligent planning you can become a better photographer with out much hardship. Hope this has helped you all, share the love with your friend and show some kindness to the like button and the comment section. 


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