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Apple Search Engine May Be a Real Thing After All

Apple has this sort of cold-war with Google for many years now and now the new rumor which is spreading in the Tech industry is that Apple may be working in its own Search Engine after all, is this true or can this be possible. We all know the amount of people who change to Apple Search as their default search engine from Google is marginal but where has this story originated, here we will give you the complete story insight.

Cult of Mac started this with by pointing out a Apple Job opening which specifically mentions the role as "Engineering Project Manager - Apple Search". So what does this mean, are we going to see a new search engine in town,  i don't think this will happen. Want to know why, well Apple has been moving its users away from Google by removing the Youtube and Google Maps as default apps,  but search i don't think so. Apple might be doing this new Apple Search to integrate it with the Spotlight search and improve it. Lets assume that it is a search engine, then Apple will make it the default search engine in all its devices so this will affect the market share of Google in a huge way as there are over a billion iOS and Mac OS X devices.

I can understand what is running in your mind, Apple is using Yahoo, WikiPedia and Bing to retrieve results, but why build this new Apple Search now. Bing is associated with Windows, which is one of the direct competitor of the Apple in the many of the markets making this move will give it more stability and more control. But we are not sure of what this Apple Search really does. This might not even be a Search Engine or even a upgrade to the Spotlight search it can be a internal tool we will have to wait to find it out.

Job Summary : Apple Site.

Image Source : techrampage


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