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Drop In Indian Students Opting UK Universities

          The United Kingdom has always been a place of liking for the Indian students, in the recent years there have been a drop in students going to UK universities for their higher studies. An report which was published on April 8th 2014 by the House of Lords committee said that there was a drop of around 10% in many major courses like Science and Technology, Computer Science, Mathematics and other.

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         There was a record of more than 12,000 students from India heading over to UK universities for their education in 2009 but this has been dropped so much that count on 2013 was just 5,000. The committee accuse the government for this drop, they say the government is not giving a warm welcome for the students entering. But the government says that the students are not opting for the relatively less probability of getting a job after finishing the course and the cost of living in UK is more and also because of the drop of rupee value compared to the pound.

       One of the main reason is that many students are stopped and rejected at the visa process itself, the recent changes in immigration rules have caused a great impact on the students and so every one prfer US, Australia and Canada and other countries where they rules are standard with not lot of issues and a job opportunity after the course completion. Hope UK changes their policy so that many Indian students will benefit from it. 


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