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    The most used social network in the world Facebook, has been into making a App which will allow us to share things secretly. Every App from the company so far worked only if we had logged in with our account but there has been a lot of talks that we will be getting a app from the company which will not require any logins.

    Secret an app which does not require any logins or any other things to revel the users identity but the app will allow the users to interact and share things. There is a lot of buzz say that Facebook's executives have meet with the team of Secret, so one thing will lead to another this may be to develop an App combining both the companies or even more interesting Facebook may even try to buy it.
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    As of this point no major social networking companies offer an Anonymity feature Facebook will give a break through and will give us all an amazing app to play around. We did not get any clarification from both the companies till now as they have not commented on the issue. Lets all hope for the best. 


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