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Google To Stop Forcing Users Into Google+

     The big G has had lot of problem with its social networking product, Google+ was introduced on 2011 and it seemed to be a very valid product and there were many people turning over it and having a look, but it lacked to make users to stick around like the other social network sites like Facebook and Twitter. As it started to fall apart Google forced people to join to Google+ if they got a new Google id, they integrated this with almost every Google product.

    Senior Vice President of social for Google Vic Gundotra, has resigned from the company and this has caused a wave of buzz around the social world. This has put Google to get a new man on the job and make some radical changes to the product right from the design to the feel of it. Google+ has some awesome features that people lack to use, like the Hangouts it has a great advantage over any other social network site around any even any other video calling applications. The Communities and the Circles were all good ideas which were badly executed.
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    Google+ will undergo some major changes in the coming months and we will see an user friendly and more communicate-able  product which will help every user from the and would try to give a good fight to the other sites. It is said that Google will not Force people to get into Google+ any more for using other Google products. Hope the new head of the division Google+ will reach its rightful place in the world and put a dent in the market. 


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