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Are You Addicted To Facebook You Are Likely To Be Hacked

       Every day we get to know more security issues in our day to day affairs, this is one such article, where we talk about being hacked due to habitual use of Facebook, you should also know that Facebook is Tracking us with its Messenger App. Facebook the largest social network in the world has millions of users and it also has come addicts who open up Facebook to see the updates in their walls almost every hour. Dr. Arun Vishwanath conducted study with 150 students from the Department of communication in the University of Buffalo's.

     Users who use a lot of Facebook are more likely to fall for the phishing attacks by cyber criminals and they loose their passwords and other vital information, this is the result of the study, Dr. Arun Vishwanath had made a survey with the people who would describe themselves as Facebook Addicts. The study group was subjected to many Facebook based phishing attacks and other invasive methods to get them reveal their information. When all this was over and the results where analysed, it was found that the people who said "I feel my Facebook usage has gotten out of control" and "I am addicted to Facebook" were more easily drawn to the phishing attacks than others. The study proves that the habitual users are more like to give in for social pleasures and accept friend request from some one they don't know and also give their personal information.
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     Facebook has become an integral part of our life and we can  not get away from it, but we sure should know to what extent e should use it. As the old saying goes "too much of any thing is bad", users who are frustrated that their friends do not comment or like the post they update please cool off and move on, because hacker may take advantage of you. We would suggest all our readers not to click to any links that you get in message saying "I saw a funny video of you" or " I saw a funny photo of you" , these are phishing attacks and there are lots more so be selective in what you click. :)
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