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Possibilities of a Redesigned MacBook Pro

It seems like Apple's high-end notebooks are all set for an redesign, but wait by redesign I don't just mean a lighter and thinner MacBook Pro well these are also expected I have much more in hand to report for. Reports from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo clearly indicate we have some good changes to the strongest notebook line up from Apple after dropping the optical drive.

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Apple is known for keeping things secret, but in the recent times there has been little spills about the companies products. Any how we would like to keep the rumour mills running. Kuo has reported some major changes to the MacBook Pro designs and a revamp in Apple's notebook line up. Some important changes would include:

  • Unlocking your MacBook is going to become more easy and fancy now, The big A is planning allow user to unlock their MacBook's with their iPhone's Touch ID hardware interface. I am not sure about you guys but I am very much excited about this, I would love to see this feature come out soon.

  • This one is a rather peculiar and I would say a real physical change. An OLED touch bar which will be replacing the functions keys that are now present in the top of the MacBook keyboard. 
  • This one should be a no brainier we will be getting USB type C ports and the newer Thunderbolt 3 ports. The newest of the Apple's notebook line up is the MacBook which houses only one USB type C port, so what is the strongest notebook in the line up with out the latest technology. USB type C would be used for both data transfer and Charging.

The reports also claim that there will be a new 13 inch MacBook making the MacBook Air the cheapest entry level notebook in the line up and followed by the MacBook and then the power house MacBook Pro. Kuo indicates that these revamp would happen in the fourth quarter of 2016. The MacBook Pro is long awaited redesign is going to happen soon and I would definitely like to know your views on this, Please comment your thoughts and share the post.


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